How long do you cook eggs in the egg pod?

Cook eggs in the microwave on high for 9 minutes. COOKS TO PERFECTION: The mechanism of the Eggpod is so simple because it’s basically using microwave to boil water, which in turn steams the eggs. Simply add water, and set your timer to 9 minutes and cook on HIGH, to yield perfectly-cooked hardboiled eggs.

How long do I microwave my Egg Pod?

Using Egg Pod is rather straightforward. Insert four eggs, add 50ml of water (with the supplied measuring cup), microwave for about 9 minutes, let sit for 2 minutes, run under cool water for 2 minutes, vigorously shake the Egg Pod (with water still in the unit), and you should have four easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs.

How do you use egg pods?

Crack an egg into the poach pod – one egg per pod and float the whole pod in the water. Cover the pan with a lid and cook in simmering water 4-6 minutes or to desired firmness. Use a slotted spoon to remove the poachpod from the water.

Why did my Egg Pod explode in the microwave?

If you put an egg in a regular container in the microwave, it will explode. The reason that Egg Pod works is because the eggs are enclosed in aluminum that blocks the microwaves. The eggs are actually cooked from the steam and not microwave radiation. … Soft-boiled eggs will be too soft for the shake and peel function.

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Do eggs expire?

Eggs have an average shelf life of 3–5 weeks. With proper storage, most eggs are still safe to eat after 5 weeks, though their quality and freshness will likely begin to decline.

How do you clean a microwave after an egg explodes?

Step 1: Dampen your sponge in warm water and add a drop of dish soap on it and wipe the egg remains in the microwave. Step 2: Take a safe bowl and fill it with about 10-15 ml of white vinegar. Step 3: Let the microwave be on medium setting while the vinegar heats up for a few minutes.

How do you make eggs with egg rings?

Cooking Scrambled Eggs using Egg Rings

Simply beat an egg lightly in a small bowl and pour it into the egg ring; then cook the egg until set. The egg ring will be very hot, so make sure to remove it using an oven mitt or tongs. Flip the egg and cook the other side to the desired doneness.

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