How do you use a silicone hard boiled egg?

How long do you boil eggs in silicone?

Do not over pour the silicone pod. 5. Boil the eggs for 10-15 min in a regular kitchen pot using the egg pods holder for best results (You can check them if they are ready by taking them out and basically touch the bottom of the silicone pod. 6.

How do you hard boil eggs in a silicone mold?

Crack desired number of eggs into the holes of the silicone tray. Place tray on top of the trivet. Secure the lid and turn pressure release knob to a sealed position. Cook at high pressure for 13 – 15 minutes (see notes regarding cooking time).

How long do you boil an egg in an Egglette?

Crack and add each egg to the Egglette pod. Twist on tops of each Egglette pod (make sure they are on tight). Once water is boiling, add the Egglette pods to pot and keep at a rolling boil. Boil for 15–16 minutes for hard-boiled (less time if you want soft or medium-boiled.

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How do you use a hard boiled egg maker?


  1. Fill your water measuring cup to the Hard 7 eggs line with cold water.
  2. Pour the water into the center of the water reservoir of your egg cooker.
  3. Place egg holder on top of the base. …
  4. Cover the appliance with the lid. …
  5. When the eggs are done, you’ll hear a sound. …
  6. Remove the lid.

How do you cook eggs in silicone cups?

Brush the inside of a silicone pod with butter or spray with no-stick spray. Crack an egg into an egg poacher cup and carefully place the cup in the boiling water. Put the lid on the pot and cook for 4 to 7 minutes, depending on the size of the egg and your desired degree of doneness. Cook up to four eggs at a time.

Can you microwave eggs in silicone molds?

Well, in short, yes you can use silicone egg poachers in the microwave – they’re marked as microwave safe on the product information tag.

How do you use an egg mold?

These egg molds are just fantastic and so easy to use. Simply boil an egg and, while still warm, place peeled egg into the mold, close and chill for 10 minutes in cold water and *presto* –designer boiled eggs!

How do you boil eggs out of the shell?

Place the pan over high heat until it reaches a boil. Turn off heat, cover and let it sit for 13 minutes. After exactly 13 minutes, remove the eggs from the pan and place them in an ice-water bath and let them cool for five minutes. Carefully crack the eggs shells (making sure the majority of the shell is cracked).

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Should you cover eggs when boiling?

Don’t cover with the lid or you won’t be able to see when the water starts boiling. … Have a bowl of ice water ready so you can lower your eggs into there as soon as the timer is done. This stops the cooking process and makes them easier to peel.

Do Egglettes really work?

This egglettes eases the process of boiling the eggs. … You can only do this once the eggs are cooked and you peel them off. Here, you get to toss the veggies, spices and meats to the eggs. This makes it ideal so yes it will work for you.

How do you cook an egg in an eggie?

How to Use the EGGIES

  1. Rinse out Eggies.
  2. Coat inside of Eggies using Oil and Paper-towel.
  3. Put Eggies together without the lid.
  4. Crack eggs into Eggies.
  5. Place Eggies in Boiling Water for 12 minutes ( Make Sure they are floating)
  6. Place Eggies in Cold water for 5 minutes.
  7. Loosen Collar and remove Egg from Eggies.
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How much water do you put in a hard boiled egg in a egg cooker?

For hard-cooked eggs, fill to line for Hard-Cooked Eggs. (About 7 tablespoons or 105 ml). These recommended levels are based on 8 eggs. More water may be required for fewer than 8 eggs.

How many eggs does the egg pod hold?

Egg Pod holds four eggs. Vigorous shaking of the unit helps peel the eggs. The results of shaking the Egg Pod, which allows eggs to be easily peeled. The final result: A perfectly hard-boiled egg.

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Do egg cookers make eggs easier to peel?

Another added: “This unit is easy to use. My boiled eggs come out perfect every time, and are simple to peel. I’ve tried every egg boiling method out there and this is the first time I have consistently gotten easy to peel eggs. I highly recommend it.”

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