How do you hard boil eggs with egg timer?

Start with cold tap water in a saucepan, place the egg time and eggs in before turning on the heat. Within 15 minutes, the water will start to boil (set a timer) and watch the line move to hard egg line for the perfect hard boiled eggs.

How does an egg perfect egg timer work?

The ultimate egg timer looks like an egg and reacts to heat like one too, taking the guesswork out of perfectly cooked eggs. Just drop this temperature-sensitive timer in a pot of boiling water pot with real eggs and watch as it changes color, indicating soft, medium and hard-boiled stages.

How long does an egg timer take?

Most traditional egg timers have a set time of about three minutes, that being the approximate time it takes to cook an average sized hen’s egg in water. Hard-boiled eggs take longer to cook. The three minute egg timer is for soft-boiled eggs.

How long does it take to hard boil eggs in the egg pod?

Simply add water, and set your timer to 9 minutes and cook on HIGH, to yield perfectly-cooked hardboiled eggs.

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Are all egg timers the same?

Most egg timers are fortunately quite simple. The color will simply change from the outside in to indicate how cooked through your eggs are. However, there are some differences in design, so look for one that would be simplest for you to read at a glance, even when it is submerged under boiling water.

How do I use an egg timer?

Simply place timer with eggs in a single layer at the bottom of a pan. Cover with at least an inch or two of room temperature water. Egg timer darkens as eggs cook. Calculates cooking stages precisely by temperature, not loosely by time.

How do you boil eggs step by step?


  1. Place your eggs in a single layer on the bottom of your pot and cover with cold water. …
  2. Over high heat, bring your eggs to a rolling boil.
  3. Remove from heat and let stand in water for 10-12 minutes for large eggs. …
  4. Drain water and immediately run cold water over eggs until cooled.

How long do I boil 3 eggs for?

Boil for 6 – 7 minutes over medium-high heat for perfect hard-boiled eggs. Using a slotted spoon, transfer them to a large bowl of ice water and let them cool for a few minutes. Or you can place them under cool running water to stop the cooking. Peel and serve the eggs immediately.

How many eggs can you put in the Egg Pod?

I found that quite a bit more shaking was needed in order to loosen the peels. Egg Pod holds four eggs. Vigorous shaking of the unit helps peel the eggs. The results of shaking the Egg Pod, which allows eggs to be easily peeled.

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Why do eggs explode in Egg Pod?

If you put an egg in a regular container in the microwave, it will explode. The reason that Egg Pod works is because the eggs are enclosed in aluminum that blocks the microwaves. The eggs are actually cooked from the steam and not microwave radiation. … Of course, the egg will explode!

How do you use Egglette?

Crack and add each egg to the Egglette pod. Twist on tops of each Egglette pod (make sure they are on tight). Once water is boiling, add the Egglette pods to pot and keep at a rolling boil. Boil for 15–16 minutes for hard-boiled (less time if you want soft or medium-boiled.

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