Week 48 Budget and Menu

It seems like January was just a few weeks ago–not sure how this year flew by me! Here we are at the entrance to the biggest food holidays in the U.S.–Thanksgiving, Hannukah and Christmas. What are your plans? Are you going traditional or shaking things up a bit? Are you planning a Thanksgivukah meal this year? Share!

Week 48 of this year features some great local produce and seafood. We will also celebrate Tom’s birthday with his requested collard quiche and sweet potato pound cake, which fits into our seasonal rotation of food! Our budget is helped by some carryover in our freezer. We have some swordfish that was parked in the freezer due to a previously crazy week and we are using some of the last of our canned tomato soup from last summer.

Budget [$93.27]
The Produce Box (chemical free lettuce, organic sweet potatoes, organic kale, organic beets, organic persimmons, organic arugula, apples and pears): $39.75
Farmers Market (spinach, collards, eggs): $9.00
Trader Joes (lemon, pie crust, frozen fruit, yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds, cucumber): $27.52
Whole Foods (raw cacao powder): $17.00

Wednesday–Apple, Pear and Goat Cheese Salad
Thursday–Out attending a fundraiser
Friday–Sweet Potato Kale Pasta
Saturday–Swordfish with Arugula Pesto, Braised Kale and Beet Greens
Sunday–Collard Quiche, Roasted Beets, Sweet Potato Pound Cake
Monday–Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Tuesday–Pasta with Roasted Tomato Sauce

Week 44 Budget and Menu


This week is full of fall goodness–pumpkin, acorn squash, chowder, kale–yum! Our weather finally feels like fall, and while I’m sad to see our summer weather go, I’m glad to get my cute boots and sweaters out of storage!

Our markets are full of peppers, squash, pumpkins, lettuce, kale, green beans and hopefully we will have broccoli soon! I am missing our summer berries–that season always seems too short–but we are enjoying apples. Last season, North Carolina had an apple shortage due to a late spring freeze in the mountains, but this year is a completely different story! So glad to see lots and lots of apples out there!

Breakfasts this week include homemade muffins, bagels, and steel-cut oatmeal. Our lunches are typically leftovers and fruit or oatmeal.

The budget this week is good! We are helped as always by Tom supplying us with the fish he catches (one of the benefits of living close to the ocean!).

Budget [$87.51]

  • The Produce Box (apples, green beans, acorn squash, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, peppers, kale): $47.25
  • Trader Joes (Romano cheese, pasta, ground organic turkey, taco shells, avocado, frozen fruit, yogurt, almond milk, whole wheat flour): $34.26
  • Panera (bagels) $6.00

Weekly Menu

  • Wednesday–Green salad with hard boiled eggs
  • Thursday–Leftover pasta with red pepper sauce
  • Friday–Chicken and kale stuffed acorn squash, quinoa
  • Saturday–Baked fish, green beans, salad
  • Sunday–Corn and crab chowder, salad
  • Monday–Pumpkin kale pasta
  • Tuesday–Turkey tacos, spicy rice

Week 29 Budget and Menu

We are in high tomato and fruit season here in central North Carolina. Our constant rains are gone and the sun is bringing everything back to life. It’s going to be a super tomato-licious week this week! We are having tomatoes in all kinds of ways–baked, sautéed, in salad and in sandwiches. I can’t wait! I love tomatoes! What is your favorite summer vegetable?

Our budget this week is coming back into line with our goals. It is taking a LOT of self-restraint on my part because everything looks so wonderful! The thing that saves me is that it is so hot, I do NOT want to cook anything.

I do have some fun plans this week. For the first time ever, I am roasting a whole fish. I’ve never done that before, but I hear it is very, very good. We had whole fish all the time in Paris, and somehow I managed to figure out a fish fork, but at home we usually buy fillets. Fillets are easy, but they are also more expensive than buying a whole fish, so I hope we like it! I’m also going to try a terrific panzanella salad idea that I picked up from Gravy, a Raleigh restaurant. The salad involves peaches, tomatoes, whole grain bread croutons and pork belly–I mean really, how could that combination possibly go wrong??? Will post recipes for whatever is successful this week!

Enjoy this summer weather and get out to those farmer’s markets!

Budget [$100.37]

  • The Produce Box (eggplant, heirloom cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, blackberries): $24.50
  • La Farm (sandwich bread): $6.75
  • Locals Seafood (red drum, white perch): $17.30
  • Various organic vendors (peaches, blue potatoes, green beans, zucchini, squash, tomatoes): $21.50
  • Trader Joes (limes, avocado, frozen fruit, organic butter): $24.32
  • Mitchell Family Pantry (jam, barbecue sauce): $6.00


  • Wednesday–Pulled chipotle chicken sliders, corn, garden cucumbers
  • Thursday–Egg salad
  • Friday–Roasted whole red drum, green beans, corn
  • Saturday–Eggplant and tomatoes al forno
  • Sunday–Pan seared white perch, roasted baby blue potatoes
  • Monday–Tomato and peach panzanella salad with bacon
  • Tuesday–ABT sandwiches (avocado, bacon and tomato), parmesan zucchini chips

Week 3 Budget and Menu


Our menu this week features summer tomatoes we tucked away in the deep freeze!

Here we are entering our third week of January and can you believe it is going to be in the 70s all week? What the heck happened? My lenten roses are blooming, I have buds coming out of the ground. STOP!!! I want to tell all my plants to please, please go back to sleep, because before we know it the weather will turn cold again and everything will croak. But somehow there is no global warming. Right.

So, in light of this crazy weather, our menu this week focuses on some dishes that are not the survive-the-frigid-cold comfort food we would typically eat in January. I’m adding in some extra seafood this week because we haven’t had enough of it lately and our seafood dishes are always light and fresh. We are also taking advantage of the Swiss chard in our garden, which is loving this balmy weather!


  • Mitchell family pantry (raspberry jam, salsa, frozen tomatoes, tomato sauce): $15.00
  • Locals Seafood (flounder, striped bass):
  • Mae Farm (sausage, chorizo):
  • Rare Earth Farm (buttermilk, eggs):
  • Misc. farmers market vendors (carrots, onion, sweet potato, fennel, kale):
  • Trader Joes (tortillas, capers, olives, frozen fruit, soy milk):


  • Sunday–cornmeal dusted NC flounder, Swiss chard, roasted broccoli
  • Monday–sweet potato/black bean/chorizo quesadillas, kale chips
  • Tuesday–breakfast for dinner; whole wheat buttermilk pancakes, Mae Farm sausage, apples
  • Wednesday–NC striped bass with tomato and fennel compote, chard
  • Thursday–pasta with roasted tomato sauce
  • Friday–baked sweet potatoes and leftovers
  • Saturday–out for dinner; date night!
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