Week 21 Budget and Menu

We are gearing up for another exciting, busy week. Softball season is keeping us hopping and we are enjoying every second of it! Our menu this week reflects not only our need for quick dinners, but also our celebration of Memorial Day! We haven’t had beef on our menu in a long time and we are going to enjoy every bite of these grilled hamburgers!

Our budget is under budget, even with wine from Trader Joes 🙂 Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Let summer begin!

Budget [$88.58]

  • The Produce Box (asparagus, romaine lettuce, garden peas, cilantro, strawberries, spring onions, kale): $27.50
  • Locals Seafood (crab cakes): $10.20
  • Mae Farm (smoked pork): $6.00
  • Melina’s Pasta (spinach fettucine): $6.00
  • Black Hoof Run Farm (heritage, grass-fed ground beef):$6.32
  • Trader Joes (burger buns, organic onions, organic chicken, frozen fruit, wine): $27.56
  • Mitchell Family Pantry (roasted pepper ketchup, jam): $5.00


  • Wednesday–Scrambled egg tortillas
  • Thursday–Pasta with smoked pork and garden peas
  • Friday–Salad with strawberries, pecans and goat cheese
  • Saturday–NC crab cakes, creamy grits and asparagus
  • Sunday–Grilled beef burgers with bacon-onion marmelade, green salad, fruit parfaits
  • Monday–Barbecued chicken, deviled eggs, broccoli salad
  • Tuesday–Leftover buffet

Week 7 Budget and Menu

This is a week of fun celebrations! Sunday is Chinese New Year, starting the Year of the Snake. We won’t have any snakes, but we are planning a fun Chinese New Year dinner. Tuesday is Fat Tuesday and we are celebrating with a fun Family Gras dinner. Then, as if there weren’t enough fun in our week, Thursday is Valentines Day and we will cook a heart healthy Valentine dinner. All that adds up to a week chock full of food fun!

Our budget is a bit higher than usual this week. My trip to the farmer’s market wasn’t very productive. I think we’ve hit a bit of the winter doldrums, so we supplemented our farmer’s market finds with organic produce from Trader Joes.

Budget [$119.44]

Coon Rock Farm (andouille sausage, eggs): $19.00
Two Chicks Farm (carrots): $3.50
Mitchell Family Pantry (strawberry jam, roasted tomato sauce, frozen summer corn, frozen peppers) $10.00
Trader Joes (organic broccoli, organic onions, organic peppers, organic mushrooms, whole wheat flour, pecans, pot stickers, sparkling blood orange juice, half and half, salmon, mozzarella, chicken): $86.94

Here is our menu for the week!


Sunday–Stir fried chicken and vegetables with spicy peanut sauce, organic rice, pot stickers, ginger ice cream
Monday–Ellie’s Rodeo Pizza, kale salad
Tuesday–Chicken and andouille jambalaya, homemade king cake
Wednesday–leftover buffet
Thursday–Poached wild salmon, sauteed Swiss chard, summer corn, dark chocolate brownies
Friday–Pasta con sarde
Saturday–Soup (from freezer) and cornbread

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