Spring Gardening–Resources


Know what is super cool?

Picking out your groceries from your own back/side/front yard. That’s what’s cool. And it’s almost planting time!

We’ve had all winter to harvest the Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage and collard greens from our garden of raised beds and the greens are still coming (well, except the kale, which fed some very healthy bunnies). As long as you don’t pull the roots out of the ground (we harvest by cutting the leaves off with kitchen shears), the leaves will keep growing…and growing…and growing… One of these weekends, I’m going to do a massive green cooking and freezing session so we’ll have some of our favorite greens this summer.

After the first of the year, our mailbox starts filling up with gardening catalogs. By this time I have forgotten about the mosquitoes, humidity and my neighbor’s children stealing my tomaotes, and can dream big. I’m contemplating our strategy for this year (chicken wire for the bunnies and a taser “keep out” sign for my neighbor’s children), and thought I would share some helpful resources that are a bit out of the ordinary!

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Tips from Farmers Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

This Farm-to-Fork blog from one of our favorite restaurants features advice and helpful tips from NC farmers. While some tips won’t apply if you are, say, in upper Michigan, many of them apply to all gardeners starting out with a new spring garden!

Sprout Robot http://www.sproutrobot.com

This cool little program asks for your zip code and then gives you a list of what to plant now, what seeds to start now and what to transplant now. It will even generate a garden calendar for you. What a great way to get started!

Companion Planting Guide http://www.permaculturenews.org

Wondering how to develop a planting plan that keeps everyone happy? Think of this guide like a master dinner party seating chart for your garden. You’ll be the diplomat of veggies with this handy downloadable chart!

Heirloom Seeds http://www.seedsavers.org

Make Monsanto crazy and order heirloom, open pollinated seeds for your garden. Seed Savers is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring our biodiversity of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Raised Bed Kits http://www.gardeners.com

We have purchased both raised beds and corner brackets to make our own raised beds from wood and have been very satisfied with everything. The Grow Beds we have are 3-4 years old and still look great. Plus we can move them between seasons if we need to–they are incredibly light.

So grab a cup of tea or coffee, settle in with a stack of catalogs or your tablet and get to work–it’s almost planting time!

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