Frequent question: How much do Honey Baked Ham employees make?

Average Honey Baked Ham Co. LLC hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.44 per hour for Prep Cook to $20.00 per hour for Market Associate. The average Honey Baked Ham Co. LLC salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Associate to $127,703 per year for Cook.

Are HoneyBaked hams worth the cost?

It’s worth it if you only buy it once a year. I love their stuff but it is so expensive and I can’t get the smaller size my small family needs. I’ve tried to make my own but it’s just not the same. In my opinion, good ham costs money.

How old do you have to be to work at Honey Baked Ham?

Minimum Age to Work at HoneyBaked Ham: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at HoneyBaked Ham?)

Does Honey Baked Ham pay weekly?

Seasonal employees are paid bi weekly on Friday’s with a paper check.

How many will a Honey Baked Ham feed?

Depending on the size of the whole ham, it can feed at least 20 people for dinner and more than 30 people as part of a buffet. And, at HoneyBaked, you can combine the ham with a whole turkey or boneless, sliced turkey breast to feed an even larger group.

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Can you buy honey baked ham by the pound?

By the pound. See store for all deli sides availability. May vary by location. Calories shown are per individual serving.

How many will a 5 pound ham feed?

According to the Honey Baked Ham Company, experts in ham if there ever were any, you’ll want to allow about 1/2 pound of ham per person.

How Much Boneless Ham do you Need?

Number of People Amount of Boneless Ham
4 – 6 2 – 3 lbs
6 – 8 3 – 4 lbs
8 – 10 4 – 5 lbs
10 – 12 5 – 6 lbs

Does the Honey Baked Ham accept EBT?

The HoneyBaked Ham Company and Cafe SNAP retailer accepts EBT cards located in MD. This store is authorized to accept Maryland food stamps by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Is bone-in ham better than boneless?

I prefer bone-in hams over boneless. I find that any meat cooked on the bone has better flavor, and in the case of ham, it also has better texture. When producers remove the bone from a ham, they have to then reshape the meat (in a machine called a vacuum tumbler) so it won’t fall apart when sliced.

Does a spiral ham have a bone?

Spiral ham can be made boneless, but butchers typically create a spiral ham cut by slicing a bone-in ham into one big spiral shape. Not only does spiral bone-in ham have a natural and preserved fresh flavor—it’s also a lot easier to cut, because of the extra work done at the butcher’s block.

How much is a 7 lb HoneyBaked Ham?

The Honey Baked Ham Company Menu

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Sliced And Glazed Smoked Turkey Breast 2.6 Lbs $32.07
Sliced And Glazed Roasted Turkey Breast 2.6 Lbs $29.70
The Original Honey Baked Ham (7 Lb) $59.40 – $114.04
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