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20121230-194608.jpgWelcome to SOLE Food Kitchen!

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In 2011, our family of three began a one-year journey toward healthier living and cleaner eating. Our commitment was to eat a primarily local food diet with minimal processed food on no more than $100 per week. We learned a LOT over the course of that year and it changed our way of eating forever. You can read about our journey at our former blog at http://www.yearofhealthierliving.wordpress.com.

Here are some highlights of what we learned:

  • We could lose weight and reduce our cholesterol while eating VERY well;
  • Our region has an astonishing variety of locally produced food and cool people who produce it;
  • Eating fresh, local meat, produce and dairy products is achievable on a budget:
  • Using canning, freezing and drying, we can have local food all year long!

Although we considered ourselves budding locavores, we learned that the issue of food is more complicated. Do you give up avocados just because they aren’t grown locally? Is an organic tomato worth buying if it has been shipped 1,500 miles? Is local produce a good buy if the farmer does not use sustainable agricultural practices?

A fellow blogger introduced us to the term SOLE food–eating food that is Sustainable, Organic, Local and/or Ethically-sourced. This really fits where we are–healthy, values-based eating with some flexibility–and it became the basis of this new blog, SOLE Food Kitchen.

We look forward to sharing our continuing  journey with you as we explore how to eat healthy, eat with a conscience, and support our local community. Thanks for reading and for sharing your ideas and suggestions for how to make this blog even better!


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  1. I’m so glad you are continuing with the blogging after the year ended! You’re weekly budget and meal planning has been an inspiration. Lots of good info you’ve passed along! Great job!!

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