Thanksgiving Menu 2013

Cranberry Sauce 003

We’ll have organic cranberries two way–in salad and in sauce!

Do you obsess about Thanksgiving dinner? It’s hard not to once Halloween is over. Every food blogger and Pinterest pinner is sharing lovely, tantalizing dishes for the food glutton holiday season. It’s easy to get carried away with planning a meal that is both too expensive and too much food.

This is our second year of producing a locavore Thanksgiving dinner. We’re adding a couple of new dishes, but mostly we are sticking to what works and makes people happy. In addition to our heritage breed, free range turkey, we’re picking up a mini boneless ham from Mae Farm. These are absolutely amazing! The kale and carrots in our salad will be local and the rest will be organic. This salad is new–I’ve seen it floating around Pinterest and can’t wait to try it! I love having a fresh salad to balance all the rich, roasted foods we’ll be having.

So here is our draft menu. We may tweak it slightly depending on what is actually available at the farmer’s markets that week, but the basics should stay the same. What is on your menu for Thanksgiving???

  • Herbed Roasted Heritage Turkey (Homestead Harvest Farm)
  • Honey Mustard Glazed Mini Ham (Mae Farm)
  • Kale, Cranberry and Edamame Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette
  • Deviled Farm Eggs with NC Shrimp (Mae Farm and Locals Seafood)
  • Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Mae Farm and CSA)
  • Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes (CSA)
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Sweet Potato Biscuits (CSA)
  • Giblet Gravy
  • Cinnamon Cranberry Apple Sauce (CSA)
  • Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie (Trader Joes Pumpkin Ice Cream)
  • Pecan Pie (homemade)

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