A Beehive Giveaway from Toxic Free NC!


Fawn Pattison of Toxic Free NC wants to give away a bee hive. Let’s help her!

Do you know of a community garden in North Carolina that would benefit from a free beehive and colony? Well, the great folks at Toxic Free NC would like to help! Their Save-A-Bee Giveaway is designed to connect community gardens with pollinating bees. They are true Food Heroes! Here is more information:

We’ve all heard a lot about how bee populations are on the decline. That’s why we’re giving away a hive of bees (and more) to a lucky community garden in NC.

One lucky community garden in NC will win the chance to grow more healthy, pesticide-free food with the pollinator power of a brand new beehive. And you’re going to choose the winner!

Nominate your favorite community garden and they’ll be put in the running to win:

  • a beehive;
  • a nucleus colony of bees (to be delivered in May);
  • a workshop about natural beekeeping; and
  • an Organic Gardening Workshop from Toxic Free NC.

To be eligible, the community garden must be based in NC, must have fighting hunger as part of its mission, and must be either organic already, or willing to move to organic gardening practices in order to support a bee colony.

Nominations are due by October 4th, so quick, like a bunny (or a bee), get those nominations in!

Click HERE for the details and nomination form!

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