Tutorial Tuesday #6: What to Do With All That Squash

I was working on a post about summer vegetables that seem to reproduce as you look at them, filling your garden, refrigerator, CSA boxes, etc. Then I saw this awesome post from Chef Jay Pierce at Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen–one of our favorite locavore restaurants. We seem to be on the same thought train, except his train has reached its destination and I’m still writing. So here is Chef Jay’s thoughts on summer squash, plus a recipe!

One thought: did you know you can grate summer squash and zucchini, squeeze out some of the water and freeze it? Coming tomorrow is one of our favorite ways to cook grated zucchini (thanks to Julia Child) and later this week, a recipe for yellow squash muffins (STOP making that face! They are amazing–really!).

Oh no! Here comes the squash!

LOCAVORE’S DELIGHT: The Series # 32. Follow us as we explore the bounty of our region’s farms through the eyes and palate of Chef Jay Pierce.


With summer squash season upon us, I can’t help but recall this ongoing prank that when around when I lived out west. Zucchini would grow so big and so fast that you’d find them on your windshield and on your doorstep, in unmarked bags and in your mailbox. Lots of folks had gardens and enjoyed growing squashes but you can’t control how prolific these things get. Since I’ve always considered zucchini bread as the fruitcake of Oregon; I suppose I had sort of a dim view of summer squash in general, because I just took it for granted. Now fast forward a few years and I’m the guy who now looks forward to the seasons and their respective bounty.

To read more click here!

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