Paris and Food Access

My first post from Paris! How is food access different here than in the states? Well, for one thing, fruit and vegetable stands are everywhere!!! All over downtown, there are little fruit stands, like this one that is just across the street.


Also, in the subway!!! We came out of the Montparnasse station to find not one, but two fruit vendors!


We have a lot to learn about access to fresh fruit and veg. And, well, a lot about pastry, too, but that is another post šŸ™‚

Au Revoir!

8 responses

    • I love that meal sizes are proportioned to fill you, not stuff you. And everything so far has been delicious! Yes, I’m on the pastry photo job šŸ™‚

  1. Love this! In Delaware, they sell fresh produce from a local farm at one of the travel plazas. I guess that would be like selling it in the subway. I think everyone should shop like they do in Paris–every day for fresh ingredients. Excited to see more of your trip!

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