Week 14 Budget and Menu

This week, the thermometer is slowly creeping up past 50 degrees. Not quite spring here (last year at this time, we were in the 80s and my tomatoes were already in the ground!). Our menu this week features the weirdness that is our late winter/early spring weather. A little freshness, a little hardiness. That’s how we’re rolling this week.

I’m excited about Easter. We’re having supper with some friends and it will be the first Easter in a long time that I haven’t done all the cooking. Nice to focus on just a couple of dishes and have fun socializing! I’m experimenting with some raw desserts and snack this week–will share the results! I’m especially hopeful about raw, vegan peanut butter eggs!

Next week, Ellie and I head to Paris with my mom–a girls week in Paris! I’ll have fun blogging about our food finds! Can’t wait!

Have a healthy and happy week!

Budget [$92.36]

  • Locals Seafood (shrimp): $10.00
  • Trader Joes (frozen fruit, yogurt, soy milk, pineapple, lime, ground turkey, canned organic beans, sweet potato gnocchi, quinoa):$54.36
  • Whole Foods (raw coconut flour, flax seeds, beans, raw almond butter):
  • Farmers market (eggs, carrots, broccoli): $14.00
  • Mitchell garden (collard greens): FREE!
  • Mitchell family pantry (frozen tomatoes, frozen corn, canned salsa, canned roasted pepper ketchup, strawberry jam): $14.00


  • Sunday–Deviled eggs, roasted honey-ginger carrots, vegan peanut butter eggs
  • Monday–Fried thai quinoa, pot stickers
  • Tuesday–Turkey chili, cornbread
  • Wednesday–Roasted shrimp and broccoli over rice
  • Thursday–Sweet potato gnocchi with collards, bacon, corn and tomatoes
  • Friday–leftovers
  • Saturday–Chipotle chicken tacos, rice

6 responses

  1. I’m so excited about your girl trip! My sister went to school in Angers, France. She’s pretty fluent but pretends like she’s not so that people don’t ask her to speak French on command. Eat ALL the bread and cheese please. Drink amazing coffee. Have wine with every meal. Oh. And have real champagne. Ok? Okay 🙂

  2. Travel safely! How fun. Also, I have been meaning to say – I just love your budget/menu posts. Honestly some of the most inspiring stuff I read each week. Thank you!

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