Week 12 Budget and Menu

This week, we are continuing our “use it up” mode from last week. We are using lots of ingredients from our canned and frozen summer foods as well as what is in our garden (will the greens EVER die????). Our budget is low this week because we are celebrating a very successful grading period for Ellie, who is tracking out this week. So, she gets to pick where we go to eat, which should make things interesting! As a result, we have one less dinner on the menu.

Our budget this week is $73.35, so we are below our goal for the week. Overall, we are doing much better with our budget than at this time last year!

Budget [$73.35]

  • Farmer’s Market (cabbage, potatoes, carrots, apples): $13.00
  • Whole Foods (corned beef roast, salmon): $19.00
  • Trader Joes (Ezekial bread, lemon, frozen fruit, soy milk, yogurt, breakfast burritoes): $43.35
  • Mitchell Family Pantry (fig preserves, strawberry preserves, frozen peas): $8.00
  • Garden (Chinese cabbage, Swiss chard): FREE!


  • Sunday–Happy St. Pats! Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots
  • Monday–Working night–Last of the frozen ribollita soup
  • Tuesday–Leftover corned beef
  • Wednesday–Baked and stuffed sweet potatoes, sauteed Swiss chard
  • Thursday–End of quarter celebration–Ellie picks!
  • Friday–Chili dusted salmon with figs, rice and peas, sauteed Chinese cabbage
  • Saturday–Pasta with sardines and lemon

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