Week 11 Budget and Menu


This week, we are definitely making a big push to use what we have in our pantry of canned goods, our freezer and our garden. It’s “use it up” time! This winter is the first season that we have had canned goods, a freezer full of local veggies, and a successful winter garden. We planned very well and still have plenty left over. Next year, I’m not sure we need quite so much, but it’s good to have yummy food to share rather than regretting we didn’t put up more! We are having a smaller amount of meat this week, but more seafood–NC flounder is always a hit in our house. We’re buying only local seafood from the NC coast and while it does increase our expenses for the week, it is always well worth it. YUM!

Ellie and I are going to try a new recipe this week for Espresso Chai Granola from THIS blogger, Wanna Be a Country Cleaver. Can’t wait!

Our budget is a bit over our goal of $100.00, mostly because we are having fresh seafood twice this week. We also stocked up on oatmeal, which will last a while. As usual, we are paying ourselves back for our canned and frozen foods since those stock up items were not included in our weekly budget last summer. But all in all, I think we did ok!

Budget [104.23]

  • Locals Seafood (scallops, flounder): $46.00
  • Farmer’s market (onions, eggs, cheese): $10.00
  • Trader Joes (mushrooms, frozen fruit, yogurt, breakfast burritos, dried coconut): $38.23
  • Mitchell family pantry (home canned tomato soup, frozen tomatoes, summer corn, pickled asparagus, canned peaches): $10.00
  • Mitchell family garden (Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage): FREE!


  • Sunday–Dinner out to celebrate our last Girl Scout cookie booth!!!
  • Monday–Grilled local cheese on homemade whole wheat bread with homemade tomato soup
  • Tuesday–Swiss chard with mushrooms and farm eggs, peaches
  • Wednesday–Girl Scouts (sandwiches and leftovers for dinner)
  • Thursday–Cornmeal dusted NC flounder, summer corn, pickled asparagus
  • Friday–Organic portabello mushroom “pizzas”
  • Saturday–Stir fried NC scallops and Chinese cabbage

2 responses

    • Actually, you didn’t! We swapped out the fish dinner ’cause last night was tooooooo warm for tomato soup. Thursday will be a different story though. C’mon over!

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