A Farm Tour! And Epic Buckwheat Fail


If you watched Food Inc., you had the opportunity to see one of the coolest farms around, Polyface Farm. What makes farmer Joel Salatin such a cool person is not just his incredible respect for a better food chain, but his humility in realizing that in consuming any food, we are asking something to give itself up to us. Whether that is an animal or a plant, we are sacrificing something in order to feed ourselves, and that deserves some reflection. When we buy into factory farms and mass-produced chicken houses, we are determining a certain fate for both the land and the animals involved. Are we OK with that? It’s a compelling question.

One of my goals last year was to travel to Staunton, Virginia, and visit Salatin’s Polyface Farm. Due to scheduling issues, we never made it there. But now, we have tickets to a special tour at the farm on May 18th. The tour is called the Lunatic Farm Tour. I can’t wait!

Here is a great video clip about Joel Salatin from Handpicked Nation. Give it a watch. I like to imagine a world where we were all such lunatics. Enjoy!


But on to buckwheat. I love a good buckwheat pancake, although I don’t make them at home. They have such a nice taste and are so satisfying. So when I saw a recipe in Clean Eating magazine for a stuffed acorn squash recipe with ham and buckwheat, I thought “why not?” The recipe looked pretty good, so I purchased some buckwheat and cooked it according to the recipe instructions. Here is what the instructions did not say:


Maybe it’s me, but I think little tips like that are helpful.

You know the quote “you eat with your eyes”? Well, my friends, you eat with your nose, too, and if something smells like a middle school locker room, you’re probably going to have lots of leftovers. I am not sharing the recipe with you because I care for you and I am not going to pretend that just because it’s good for you it will taste good (or even smell good).

Part of the journey is trying new things. Sometimes they work, sometimes they leave you gasping for air. That’s life. Tomorrow I will share an experiment that worked. It is called Banana Bread Oatmeal. And it even smells good 🙂

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    • Ellie had to write an essay for school and she was so disgusted with that dinner that she included “my mom needs to go to cooking school” in her essay. Ouch!!! But really, it was gross. And shame on them for not warning people!

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