Week 3 Budget and Menu


Our menu this week features summer tomatoes we tucked away in the deep freeze!

Here we are entering our third week of January and can you believe it is going to be in the 70s all week? What the heck happened? My lenten roses are blooming, I have buds coming out of the ground. STOP!!! I want to tell all my plants to please, please go back to sleep, because before we know it the weather will turn cold again and everything will croak. But somehow there is no global warming. Right.

So, in light of this crazy weather, our menu this week focuses on some dishes that are not the survive-the-frigid-cold comfort food we would typically eat in January. I’m adding in some extra seafood this week because we haven’t had enough of it lately and our seafood dishes are always light and fresh. We are also taking advantage of the Swiss chard in our garden, which is loving this balmy weather!


  • Mitchell family pantry (raspberry jam, salsa, frozen tomatoes, tomato sauce): $15.00
  • Locals Seafood (flounder, striped bass):
  • Mae Farm (sausage, chorizo):
  • Rare Earth Farm (buttermilk, eggs):
  • Misc. farmers market vendors (carrots, onion, sweet potato, fennel, kale):
  • Trader Joes (tortillas, capers, olives, frozen fruit, soy milk):


  • Sunday–cornmeal dusted NC flounder, Swiss chard, roasted broccoli
  • Monday–sweet potato/black bean/chorizo quesadillas, kale chips
  • Tuesday–breakfast for dinner; whole wheat buttermilk pancakes, Mae Farm sausage, apples
  • Wednesday–NC striped bass with tomato and fennel compote, chard
  • Thursday–pasta with roasted tomato sauce
  • Friday–baked sweet potatoes and leftovers
  • Saturday–out for dinner; date night!

Sole-ful musings

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