How do I wake up my Traeger grill?

How do I get my Traeger out of sleep mode?

Turning Demo Mode on or off will reboot the controller and then wake it up again in the selected mode.

  1. To turn on Demo Mode, follow these steps on the controller: Menu > Settings > Demo Mode > On.
  2. To turn Demo Mode off, follow these steps on the controller: Menu > Settings > Demo Mode > Off.

Why is my Traeger not igniting?

If your Traeger grill fails to start, then some of the possible causes are a tripped GFCI on the outlet, bad power outlet, blown fuse on the back of the controller, bad extension cord, and break in the power cord. Your grill won’t light. … Also, your grill won’t light if no wood pellets are being fed to the firepot.

How do I preheat my Traeger?


  1. When ready to cook, set your Traeger grill to the smoke setting with the lid open.
  2. Wait for the fire to establish (approximately 4-5 minutes)
  3. Close Lid.
  4. Increase the temperature to the desired temperature and preheat for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Do you start Traeger with lid open?

Open-Lid Startup Process

When ready to cook, ensure all your internal grill components (heat baffle, drip tray, grill grates) are inside the grill. Set your Traeger grill to the SMOKE setting with the lid open. You will hear the fan running. Wait for the fire to ignite and establish, roughly 5 minutes, give or take.

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How long does it take for a pellet grill to heat up?

Like gas grills, pellet grills preheat fast (10 to 15 minutes). The design discourages flare-ups. Some pellet grills allow you to regulate temperatures in 5-degree increments, giving you pinpoint heat control.

Do Traeger grills need to be plugged in?

The answer surprised us. The Traeger is a wood pellet grill. In it, pellets are drawn from a side-mounted hopper into a central burn chamber by an auger, then ignited by a hot metal rod. Those mechanisms run on electricity, so you’ve got to plug it in.

How do I reset my Traeger grill?

Factory Reset Grill – On grill go to menu, settings, about grill, then press and hold the ignite button until you see the Traeger logo (about 5-10 seconds). Check Firmware version – On grill go to menu, settings, about grill and confirm the grill has reset to 01.01.

How do I reset my Traeger?

For a soft reset, power off your smartphone or tablet with the Traeger app. Wait a few minutes, then turn the phone back on. Then, power off the grill by switching the power switch off. Wait 30 seconds and then turn the grill back on using the same switch.

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